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to much LIGHT??
« on: November 05, 2010, 05:48:35 PM »
i saw a posting on craiglist for a Odyssey fixture he are the specs. Product Description:
An ideal high light output fixture for reef hobbyist at all levels. Featuring metal halide, compact fluorescent, and bluemoon LED in one system. Easy plug 'n' play design makes assembly a breeze. Built-in cooling fan for air circulation, preventing heat built up. Highly polished reflector increases reflective efficiency. Both, tempered glass lens and acrylic lens, protect light bulbs from water splashing. Individual on/off switches and power cords allow for dawn and dusk effect. System comes complete with external electronic HQI ballast and internal electronic compact fluorescent ballast. The most breath taking part is - You can own this dream light for a fraction of the price of name brand ones.

Here are the currect specs:
Product Specification
Light fixture (Approx. 30x 15x 3)
Support: 1x 250W DE HQI, 2x 65W Compact Fluorescent, 4x Dual
Bluemoon LED
Non corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
External HQI Ballast
Internal Compact Fluorescent Ballast
Built-in Cooling Fan
Tempered glass lens and acrylic lens
Individual power cords and on/off switches
CE Certified
Made in China
250W DE HQI Bulb 15K
(2) 65W CF Bulb Actinic Blue
(4) Dual Bluemoon LED
Set of Mounting Legs
 now i was wondering if this would be to much light for a 20g long and if i would run in to major problems later? I'm getting the fixture for 120$ in Seattle that I'm planing to go up there tomorrow so if you guys need something let me know. this fixture has an upgraded ballas ice cap something he said and it had a 10k mx bulb that i have no idea what this means. i just wanted to get a MH in my aquarium but didn't want to pay so much money. i know that its a little bigger than my tank so i was planing on hanging it from my sealing. i really want this but would ratehere get some in putt first thx.

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Re: to much LIGHT??
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 06:18:06 PM »
Not too much light.  You will have to worry about temps though.   You always want to place corals on bottom and work them up.   
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Re: to much LIGHT??
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2010, 07:12:10 PM »
the light sounds cool i would set it up so i could raise it up and down above the tank to find the happy spot. Plus light is important for most sps corals but make sure you have good water flow. I have found that water movement mainly surface movement can make or cook a coral the refractive effect of ripples in your tank not only help add oxygen they keep it from overexposure. the smooth surface tank is nice to look at from above but your corals will be lower with surface movement you need a view box but coral growth seems more.

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Re: to much LIGHT??
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2010, 07:21:42 PM »
yeah i was thinking about how to raise them up and down and how drill the back of the light kit. so the watts are good and how would i know if my corals are beeing affected? i got some nice sps now so i was worried that they would not make it. so i desided to up grade and it was a good deal? and when you say movement you mean like my power head should be up high like at the surface in the tank. my power head has a little hole on top so it makes a little vortex and puts bubbles so its hard for me. would a 2x coraly would be enough for a 20g long?