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Title: Fungas? Lymphocystis?
Post by: MikeP on April 20, 2013, 09:09:45 PM
Hello club members -

My wife's Yellow Tang has what looks like a white growth on one fin only. I have looked on the internet but haven't really found pictures that exactly match what is seen on her tang. The growth - fungus - most closely looks like perhaps Lymphocystis. I have attached a picture (not of the tang) but of an internet example. Same looking white growth, but it is larger on the tang covering the end (all of the fin to the right of the redline in the picture). The tang looks healthy, no other problems noted. It eats well, not stressed, active in the tank, etc.

Any ideas as well as treatment?


Update: I noticed this morning that there is a bit of growth on the tail fin, and one spot on the body of the tang near the pectoral fin. No other fish seem to have this problem.
Title: Re: Fungas? Lymphocystis?
Post by: Ed on April 21, 2013, 07:49:51 PM
What are you feeding fish?
The reason I ask what you are feeding is because sometimes fish low on protein lose fins. 

I use Furan 2 as a treatment with fish have a bacterial infection.  That is what it looks like to me.   If you have fin or tail rot I would recommend it.   You have to make sure you water does not get above 80 degrees, with good circulation.    Again, keep water cooler- 75 is ideal when treating with furan-2 to keep oxygen content high as possible.   best wishes ! Ed
Title: Re: Fungas? Lymphocystis?
Post by: MikeP on April 21, 2013, 10:05:12 PM
Hi Ed. Thanks for your response.

I am feeding a mixture right now, trying to use up what was given to me. The mix is all frozen food such as Marine Cuisine, Mysis shrimp, etc.. I also feed a bit of seaweed and Emerald Entree for the omnivore fish.

I don't see a lessening or deterioration of the fin or tail, but perhaps it is beginning stages. By your response I am assuming that I treat the whole tank? Not just the tang by itself.

My water seems to be floating between 75.4 - 77.6 degrees right now because my heat pump hasn't been replaced yet. Control of the heating and air is not all that accurate. I'm not sure if i can get it lower, but I can try.

Water is great according to test, skimmer is working good. I have a lot of circulation in the tank. No other sickness noted in the tank.

If I treat with the furan-2, should I put in an air stone to add more oxygen?

Thanks for the help,
Title: Re: Fungas? Lymphocystis?
Post by: Ed on April 22, 2013, 08:37:01 AM
Air pumps pull things from air- room.    If you do not have any aerosols, you feel your air is clean sure.   But I recommend treating and then doing a water change 3- 4 days later.    I have some Furan-2.    I will let you have it as long as you promise to pay it back to me.    I like to have it on hand.   So make us water when you treat and let it circulate a few days for your water change.    Treat and monitor your animals.   If you see animals acting is bad fashion do a water change. 

Note- you want to match salinity, temps for less stress.   If you mix your saltwater at recommended for over 24 hours, at  temp and salinity by manufacturer it  usually comes out 8.2 or 8.3.    I better say  Ph comes out different each manufacturer.   Your filtered water directly from RO/DI comes out about a ph of 5.    I use Reef Crystals and Instant Ocean.   I run salinity at 1.025 or 1.026 so all the elements are balanced.

If you need help holler.
good luck,
Ed :)
Title: Re: Fungas? Lymphocystis?
Post by: MikeP on April 26, 2013, 03:34:37 PM

Thanks for responding back, and your offer of the medicine. Things have been pretty busy here following Marcie's surgery so I am tardy in getting back to you.

I have converted the 30 gal tank into a hospital tank, and tomorrow pulling out the charcoal from the filter. Today when I pick up saltwater and RODI, I will pick up the meds from the store as well. Thanks for offering what you have.

Since the initial post, another fish (yellow tail blue tang) is displaying problems as well (growth around the mouth, and darkening around an eye), so it is going to get treated as well. I am assuming that it is a similar bacteria/virus. It's kind of strange how this *bug* took off so quick in the tank. I hope I can get it controlled quickly.