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Title: LED Lighting
Post by: Zach on June 14, 2011, 10:39:45 AM
Recently I have been wanting to upgrade the lighting in my 29g aquarium from 2 t-5s to LED,  I have been trying to research it for a little while, but I'm really not sure how much lighting would be enough.  I plan on having all kinds of corals, a few fish, and clams. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
Title: Re: LED Lighting
Post by: Nate C. on June 14, 2011, 11:50:40 AM
When I was looking into this myself, I found out that 48 LED's were roughly equivalent to a 250W MH according to the guy from Rapidled.com that e-mailed me back.  I think I calculated it out to be about $300 for the DIY set-up I hope to do one day on our 29.
Title: Re: LED Lighting
Post by: EricsNano on June 14, 2011, 03:34:03 PM
I hate to reference another site, but evilc66 on Nano-reef.com is an absolute wealth on information (along with the LED everything thread they have there). We have some good DIY LED setups around (I just did one myself, but not the way you are referencing).

LED power really depends a lot on optics and the type of bulbs you buy. Cheapy Chinese LEDs don't put out as much power, but they're cheaper. CREEs put out a lot more, but you're going to pay for it.

I myself just did a setup that is gu10 bulbs (yes, like track lighting) that have 3 1watt leds in them. I did 25 bulbs mixed cool white and blue, bought the sockets, and wired it all up. Wound up costing about $200 to fully light a 33long.

It takes some research to build a good LED lighting system for what you want, but it can be done a LOT cheaper than most people realize these days.