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Meeting in PSAS
« on: November 19, 2005, 09:35:59 PM »
I went to the meeting in PSAS tonight, and Iwon 4 prizes, one book (Reef Invertebrates) from Anthony, one $25.00 gift cert from Shark Reef., a calender  from Kevin and two clown fish.from Elmo. Ron got 3 prizes and Ed got a prize. There were 38 people at the meeting. Thanks

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Half or less of crowd, but a good time.
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2005, 10:17:44 PM »
This was the smallest Meeting I ever saw at PSAS.   I heard the time change was a issue.   It was still nice to see Mojo, Alice, Flugeless, his wife, Todd, Reedman, Colleen, Skimmerwhisper, Hexman, Fragman, Salsaking, etc.
Rod and I met with Salsaking, and Fragman and checked out Salsakings 550 with his large frag systems.    I am sure its over 1400 gallons all together.  
Fragmans frag system was relocated with expertise.   He lost nothing.
Fragman was in the process of putting together another system.  He still had plenty of Corals in Tanks at his house.    Fragman and Salsaking took Rod and I out for Pizza in Issaqua.  We had some awesome Pizza and some pretty good beer.   I hope to continue to meet there.   I was able to bring home a purple milli and another rare one(not sure what it is) from Fragman.   Rod got some awesome corals also from Fragman. I think Rod was impressed on which corals grow under VHO's.   Paul (Fragman)encouraged and taught Rod which ones grow best with VHO.  Everytime I go visit those guys up there I am learning something new.   I encourage it.
It was awesome to see Mike O(Mojo).   I often easz drop on his teachings.
Thanks for the good time PSAS.   I hope to see you guys down here in Tri-cities Soon.  
Zul and Phillip,
I had my phone on and kept looking for you to call.   I am not sure if you called or not. I want you to know it was a comfort and a relief to see you there.  :D   I hope you had a awesome time.   Again, I am sorry there were not more Seattle people at that meeting, This year they did not have the vendor turn out they had last year.   It was actually about half or less than last year.    The good thing was that there were enough giveaways for few people so a lot of people got  things from raffle.
Rod got a Smart light combo, a pair of clowns, not sure what else.
I got a calender, a few good deals from Skimmerwhisper on Bulbs and a 1 1/2 gate valve for super price.   They gave away Phytoplanton and catologes, brochures. cookies, pop.  
wish more of us could have been there,
Ed :D
come over and see..:)