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March Meeting
« on: February 26, 2012, 08:58:32 PM »
We don't have a volunteer for March, April or Nov. as of yet.  Here is what we have down for the remainder of the year so we need to fill in the vacant months.

May: Nacho & Carmen (Yard Sale Month)
June: Daniel & Red
July: Jim & Laura
Aug: Nacho & Carmen
Sept: Stacey & Ed
Oct: usually the Harrington's but we need confirmation
Dec: usually the Canfield's but we need confirmation

Last meeting discussion: Should we have meetings every other month?  This will allow us to have all the months filled being that there would only be 6 rather than trying to fill 12 and also more time to put better topics together for the meetings.  The last one was very interesting with Daniel bringing in the parts of his controller box and explaining his set up.

We would like to keep May open for our Yard Sale month and June for our Club Member FUN month which would make it technically 8 months.

Members: Please provide some feedback with your thoughts. 
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