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Re: RO/DI Holding Tanks
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Recently I was in the market for some holding tanks for my top off and water changes.  I decided to call Culligan in downtown Kennewick to see what they might have for sell..  Come to find out they have a bunch of old water softener brine tanks out back that they don't mind getting rid off.  They are 16" in diameter and hold 30 gallons water each, so they fit in tight spaces very well.  They are already pre-drilled a few inches from the top for an easy float valve installation.  Mine came with the Styrofoam float valves but I opted to gut them out and use a one piece float valve from Bulk Reef Supply instead.  Once I get everything finished, I'll post a pic of the new ATO/Water Change set up.
Very nice! Been looking for RO/DI water holding tanks myself.