Author Topic: Husbands should not be allowed to touch tanks unless it is theirs!!!!  (Read 2377 times)

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Help......We live in a rental and pulling up carpet from a 120 gal tank doesn't sound like fun or easy!!  My husband left the RO water on for 22 hours....dropping my salinity to 1.010 but we won't talk about that. He didn't let me know he was turning it on and so I wasn't watching it.  Despite all my now dead coral......*we won't talk about that*......I now have an awful mildew smell in my house!  Anyone have any ideas how to get the smell out?????  I'm so frustrated!!! 
Thanks, Christy

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Let me start by offering my condolences.  I'm extremely sorry for your losses.

On to the scent:
I'm assuming that the mildewy smell is coming from the carpet.  Your best bet is to use an extractor to extract as much water as you can from the carpet, and then leave fans running to help dry the carpet.  If possible, you may want to remove the carpet from the tack strip so you can dry what is beneath it, and many people replace the wet pad, as carpet pad is near impossible to clean if it lacks a moisture barrier.

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Christy slowly bring your salinity back up if you can.

The house-   I have a huge industrial fan you can borrow.   I definitely want it back asap when done.    Get the air moving as soon as possible to dry things out.
come over and see..:)

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i am sorry for our spill. i thought it was just laua and I that liked flooding. We ok SHE came up with the idea of putting a note n the front door that says R.O. water on brillant!!!! I also have a high volume fan to help dry up the mess. jimbo