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Re: november meeting
« Reply #15 on: November 15, 2009, 08:46:09 AM »
Rick could to lower light output be due to bulb devlopment? My biggest frustration is Not able to get a 72 " T-5 bulb .
 Still ruuning VHO for MH supplment.
Thanks for sharing this Rick and you too Ed ;D

Jeff, as was shown at the meeting, the T5's probably do put out more lumens.  The bigger issue is the color.  The T5's really look like an actinic/white when compared to the VHO's.  Both sets of bulbs were 2 foot long, both were UVL Super Actinics.  They are mounted basically side-by-side, and the T5's have the parabolic reflectors.  With the MH's off, the color difference between the two sets (turning each on and off indiviudally) was staggering.  The T5's do appear to brighten the tank more, how much is more light output and how much is perceved due to the color of the light I can't say.  Another interesting observation was - with the 400 watt reeflux 12k bulbs on, turning the T5's on and off really didn't change the lighting in the tank at all, but turning the VHO's on and off did produce a SLIGHT change.  I haven't experiemnted again with this since switching back the the Reeflux 10k's.  If you are intersted I can do so and let you know if there's more of a noticable difference.  

I can tell you that we plan to switch completely back to VHO's for the actinics and will likely run a total of 8 bulbs - 2 on each side of each MH reflector (Coralvue Lumenbright's).


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