Author Topic: Recently, I have considered joining PSAS (Seattle Club)  (Read 1771 times)

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Recently, I have considered joining PSAS (Seattle Club)
« on: March 12, 2004, 09:15:10 AM »
I entered a Raffle to get a fish tank and considered joining Seattles Club too.   My thoughts were and I hope this Ok are  That I could learn from more angles?  I enjoy the hobby very much.   It would also give me opportunity to go to a Meeting in Seattle with Guest Speakers such as Eric Borneman, Andy Calfo, etc.    If you are not a member of their club you would have to pay more money just to see a guest speaker.  We do not have enough members yet to be able to afford someone like this yet.  Expenses for a Expert to give lecture  :?: includes Airfare, being paid for his time here, his meals etc.    If anyone feels this will interfere with Me being Treasurer please let me know?   My hopes are to expand the network where we all share information, materials, in a effort to become better educated in this great hobby.   I have been talking on their forum for a while now.   Please share your thoughts?
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come over and see..:)