Author Topic: Little Fishies hosting Spokane Reef Society meeting this weekend - We're going  (Read 2037 times)

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Colleen and I are headed to Pullman to see the game this weekend and hang out with a couple friends we haven't seen in a while.  We plan to hit this meeting at Little Fishies' place Saturday evening.  She told us to let you all know about it, and invite you to come if you wish.  It will start at 6PM, and will be a BBQ, frag/equipment swap, as well as have a presentation on coral physiology.

Ed, Tracy said to personally make sure you knew about this.

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     I wish the timing was better.   I have a party planned for a fellow employee at work this week end at our home.   I am also coaching soccer.   

 I want to see her tank so bad.   She is very well reserved also with all the smarts she has on the Saltwater Aquarium Hobby.   She has a pretty good back ground.  Mitch Carl wanted to hire her to help him at Zoo in Omaha.  Tracy is awesome.   It should be a good time for sure!  Tell Tracy and Patrick I will be thinking of them and wishing I could have made it.

come over and see..:)

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Anyone have anything in particular they are looking for?  We'd be happy to do a pick up from Tracy (little fishies), she has quite a large selection and her tanks/corals are healty - she QTs everything.