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« on: February 28, 2008, 09:45:52 PM »
Added by psa: If you are a club member, please go vote on the pictures!

Hello club members:

Item Number One:  We’d like to encourage you to submit your photos for the photo contest as soon as possible—for sure by no late than March 7th.  Voting on the best picture will begin at the March 8th club meeting taking place at Nate and Colleen home with the final tallying of votes and announcement of the photo contest winner to take place on or before March 22nd.  The winning photo will be the new image displayed on the business and membership cards currently “under construction”.

Your photos are to be posted to the “January Pictures to Share” thread in the forum (Hear Ye! Hear Ye!)

Item Number Two:  We are seeking your ideas and suggestions for a new club slogan.  The current club slogan is:

For sharing the joys and challenges of saltwater/reef aquariums as a hobby.

So, Put your thinking caps on and email us your suggestions for the new club slogan to by no later than March 7th.  The new club slogan will replace the existing slogan on all business and membership cards.  The “author” of the winning slogan will receive a gift at the April Club Meeting.

Thanks for your participation,

Nacho, Marty, Cindy, Stacie and Paul
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I've already submitted my idea for a slogan so let's get more coming in as well as some more pics.  Let's see who gets the bragging rights for their submissions.

This is a great idea but we need more participation. ;)
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