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Seattle this Week end.
« on: January 17, 2008, 06:36:35 AM »
The trip to Seattle this week end will include a little tank tour on other side of  Sound.   The host has one Tank that I hear is about 1200 gallons of water.   
The topic will be food preparation.   Recently the group in Seattle has learned about bi products in food.  Those by products often become algae in our tanks.   Lea Birch has taught the group up there the importants of whole foods.    The host owns a seafood business.
There will be a raffle with Frags.   One Frag is a Duncan.   I am betting  it is another Aussie Duncan.  :)   I heard Nacho say he might want to go.   I  heard Rod say he might want to go.  I think Rod talked to Craig.   I heard Paul say he might want to go. 

I will have to leave early Saturday.   I am thinking about 7am.   The meeting is at 2pm.  We will have to take a ferry across Sound.   It takes about 3 and half hours-4 hours to Seattle.   Then maybe up to hour on getting across water.    Mario at Ocean Reef has a sale going on.   
I am betting Shark Reef will do the same.   They both are awesome LFS.    PLease chime in you four and let me know if you can make it.
I have to go in order out of respect.   They asked me first. :)
I think the world of you guys!
Ed :)
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come over and see..:)